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There are times when you wish to have dialysis away from your main Hospital, to go on holiday, visiting family or friends or even on work related trips.

4 Seasons Dialysis Norfolk clinic in North Walsham, Norfolk can offer you the opportunity to travel any time of the year as long as you have booked yourself well in advance with us through our online booking system.

Patients willing to go on holiday and have dialysis in our clinic need to :

  • Have been having haemodialysis for at least six months
  • Have the approval from their renal consultant
  • Have no infections or open wounds. This criteria is mandatory and it is imposed by our Holiday dialysis clinic`s policy, as being a nurse led unit with no medical cover in the clinic (no doctor on site).

All the above criteria it will be confirmed later on by your referring dialysis unit through the booking forms and fit to travel letter signed by your renal consultant.

Please note that you cannot request any specific times for your dialysis sessions. These are allocated by the clinic only, mainly in high season. For this reason, your dialysis sessions may be at different times or days to those you are used to. However, we are willing to help and make your booking process as easy as possible, wishing you a very pleasant holiday in Norfolk area with the hope that you will return as many times as you want.

Please check with your holiday co-ordinator first, as to their approval of your visit to our clinic. Once the dates and times have been agreed, we will contact your holiday co-ordinator and organise the medical booking forms.

Your latest blood tests are required. MRSA swabs must be taken within FOUR weeks of your first holiday session ( if there is a central line used as vascular access, a swab of MRSA is needed), 3 CPE consecutive swabs preferably in the last 3 dialysis sessions prior your holiday, proof of covid vaccination is mandatory, please discuss with us if there is no vaccination in place or completed. 

We reserve the right to deny or cancel your provisional booking if:

  • You have not been compliant with your regular dialysis
  • Your health is getting worse
  • Not enough notice is given.
  • paperwork is not sent in time or criteria not met for your holiday dialysis