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Your life, your choice...enjoy!

Your holiday matters...

Enjoy Norfolk!

For all dialysis patients, holiday planning can be quite daunting as medical care must be absolutely guaranteed.  It is particularly important for dialysis patients and their families to have a holiday now and then in order to remain physically and mentally refreshed.

4 Seasons Holiday Dialysis Norfolk clinic was open due to a huge demand of Dialysis away from base requests in Norfolk area. The Clinic promotes a friendly environment and is located in the heart of North Norfolk region, enables you  to discover the all beautiful landscapes and gives you the opportunity of a unique holiday in country sides with easy access from Norwich, Cromer, Aylsham or Great Yarmouth. The Clinic is situated in North Walsham, Norfolk-see map- and is within accessible region to and  from anywhere in Norfolk.

Your life, your choice...enjoy!

Welcome everyone!

This is a private nurse-led independent clinic accepting medically stable patients from UK or abroad.

Dialysis times can be flexible to suit your needs, as required depending on clinic`s availability as well.

4 Seasons Dialysis Norfolk Clinic has 4 HDF Fresenius machines and can accommodate up to 8 patients a day, dialysing only 4 patients at the time, either in the morning or afternoon.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic our unit is committed to follow the national guidelines on social distancing, so for the time being will are able to dialyse only 2 patients per session.

Depending on patient’s preferences and needs the morning or afternoon sessions can be booked via online booking form or email.

Our clinic is equipped with Fresenius Cordiax dialysis machines (HDF), and water treatment. We provide high-flux dialysers, and all the consumables required for your dialysis. There may be some items which you will be required to bring with you, but all of these details will be worked out by us and your dialysis nurses.

Once we have received your details from your home unit we will send you a letter confirming your dates and times, and also some directions to the clinic.

To ensure we have your up to date treatment regime:

  • a dialysis prescription will be written by your doctor
  • any medication will also be appropriately prescribed by your doctor
  • all other relevant information will be obtained from your unit

For your safety fluid removal is limited to maximum 1 litre per hour up to a maximum of 3 litres per session.

Before your first dialysis session you will be asked to sign:

  • consent to treatment form
  • data protection form.


We require you to give your written consent to treatment. The consent form will be explained to you in more detail on your arrival.

Data Protection

We need to have certain medical and personal information about you and your next-of-kin, such as contact details, in order to carry out your dialysis. We will obtain all this information from your home unit  via booking form. 4 Seasons Dialysis Norfolk  is  committed to ensuring any information we hold about you or your next-of-kin is held securely and responsibly, and according to the Data Protection Act (1998). The law states we are required to hold information about you and your dialysis treatment for eight years.

While on dialysis we will provide hot and cold drinks and biscuits. 

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, our small waiting area will be designated only for patients in waiting to go for their dialysis treatments…sorry but relatives are not allowed to wait unless there is only one patients dialysing at the time.


We encourage and welcome suggestions to improve our service. Any concerns will be sympathetically received. If you do have any concerns please speak to us directly as we will do our utmost to sort out any problems. If you do wish to make a complaint it should be addressed to the Manager Geanina Bondalici. You will receive a written reply within two working days. If you are unhappy with the outcome you may contact:

The Local Government Ombudsman,
PO Box 4771.